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The firm is one of the first law offices in Israel, founded in 1951 by Adv. Itzhak Nener Z"L. In 1972 his son Adv. Yehoshua Nener received his license to practice law and since then he has been active in the firm and today he is the head of the firm (ever since his father passed away).

The firm specializes in litigation (appearing in court) and in Real Estate transactions.

Following is a detailed description of the firms activities in the various fields of law.


Description of the Firm Activity:

Administrative Petitions and High Court of Justice:

The major expertise of the head of the Office, Adv. Yehoshua Nener is in the field of Administrative Law. He represented petitioners to the High Court of Justice and in petitions filed to the Administrative Matters Court. Adv. Nener was successful in many of the petitions he filed.

As an example - Adv. Nener won in a High Court of Justice case in which he represented the Chabbad Institutions in a petition that brought an end to a government practice of distributing unique payment to various religion institutes, and created equal criteria to the distribution of these monies. Adv. Nener also represented the municipality of Kiryat Malachi in the matter of the clay mining that was intended near the city, and in various other public petitions.

Adv. Nener was successful also in representation of petitioners to the Court of Administrative matters. For example, he represented in a petition filed against the Israel Land Authority and Ministry of Housing after they tried to revoke a tender in which the petitioners have won. In other petitions filed by him, Adv. Nener brought to the cancelation of tenders that were faulty, changed rulings of building and zoning committees and more.


Inheritance Law and Wills:

Another field in which the firm deals in, is Estate Laws, also in preparing wills, including mutual wills, and also in representing in court in cases in which a  will is contested.

In a recent court ruling given by the Family Court in Rishon Le'Zion a will was annulled after it was contested by Adv. Nener on behalf of a disabled son who was excluded from his late father's will, who left his entire estate to his siblings and grandchildren. Adv. Nener also represented heirs in disputes over the extent of assets of an estate in value of hundreds of millions of Dollars, that were located in Israel and around the world.


Civil Law:

One of the two main fields the firms specializes in, is civil litigation. Also in this field Adv. Nener's representation in court resulted in legal precedent rulings, such as the ability to sue the state due to negligence of a judge, or the ruling that despite the Bylaws of Egged (Israel's largest public transportation cooperative), a member is allowed to be represented by a lawyer who isn't an Egged member, in the Egged Disciplinary Court. Adv. Nener reached many significant achievements in court, such as in a civil case against the Jerusalem Municipality that was obligated to pay (in an appeal filed by the Municipality to the Supreme Court), 13 Million NIS. Adv. Nener also represented large groups of property buyers in litigation regarding construction defects, representation of hundreds of Egged members in various proceedings as well as hundreds of other financial disputes between individuals.


Real Estate:

The firm specializes for dozens of year in Real Estate Law. The Firm gave legal consultation to large scale building projects, such as Migdal Ha'ir in Jerusalem, The Shalom Center in Eilat, the Pninat Ha'yam and Achuzat Village neighbourhoods in Rishon Le'zion, Kiryat Arye neighbourhood in Maalot Daphna Jerusalem and many more projects. In the last years the majority of the representation is of apartment buyers, and the head of the Real Estate department of the Firm, Adv. Azriel Jacobowitz closes many deals every year, the majority of which are in Jerusalem and Efrat.

Adv. Nener in an expert in the field of tenant protection, and served for 15 years as the legal consultant of the National Organization for Tenant Protection, and most of his activity in this field is representing protected tenants in tenancy swap transactions and representing tenants in cases of eviction law suits.



Adv. Nener, who was recommended in the past to serve as a District Court Judge, successfully manages complicated financial arbitrations. Additionally he represents parties in many arbitration and mediation  proceedings.



The firm represents parties also in simple Real Estate contracts as well as in complicated commercial contracts. The firm closes dozens of deals every year. The contracts are worded professionally, skilfully and fair to both sides, and never was a law suit filed to cancal a contact prepared by our firm.  

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